Our Philosophy

Wines should be fascinating to the senses with flavors, aromas, and sensations that linger in the mind long after the last sip. Savor wine for its complexity. Enjoy wine for its richness. The most captivating wines are blends that merge bold flavors, subtle undertones, and intricate notes.

Wine is a great complement to food, although it may be enjoyed all by itself. Pairing food to wine and vice versa is an art. Therefore, Star Canyon strives to present to you the variety of foods that pair with its fine wines. Your dining pleasure is enhanced with the knowledge that you and your guests will have a wonderful culinary experience in your home.

Star Canyon wines obtain their complexity from their meticulous preparation—from choosing the perfect grapes to the aging process, bottling, and storing. Our grapes and juices are purchased from growers whose values and standards of quality align with ours. Aging in the barrel is carefully monitored to obtain the qualities oak resins bring to finer wine.