Wine Glossary: O to R


Oaky — Smell or taste of the oak cask in which the wine was vinified and/or aged; oak notes can include such element as vanilla, clove, cinnamon, cedar, smoke toast, bourbon and coffee.

Off-Dry (Semi-dry) — Very low levels of residual sugar remaining in the wine

Oxidized— Much like fruit that has been exposed to air for a period of time, wine that has been left open, will lose its intended flavors and aromas.


Petillance — French term for spritz.

Pip — Seed in some fruit varieties, such as grapes and usually very hard and bitter in taste.

Powerful —High alcohol and/or extract content.

Primary fermentation —The action of yeasts that turn sugar into alcohol. (See also Malolactic Fermentation)


Racking — To separate wine from the lees by transferring wine from cask to cask.

Rich — Weighty flavors and texture

Round — Smooth flavors and texture; well-balanced